Saturday, November 21, 2009

second engines

I have an assignment this week in class, let me share to you a part of the story I submitted.

Have you ever watched a rocket leaving the earth? First it starts with a lot of fire. This is the first engine and as the fire grows bigger and the engine’s sound becomes louder, we know that the elevation will come next. The engine works as it gains speed. As the rocket progresses upwards there will come a critical moment where you blast off the first tank and the second engine starts. In due time, this big rocket is already up into space exploring the wide universe.

Leaders have passed their skills from their generation to the next. This is our culture of leadership. We lead and we learn. We need a new push to activate the “2nd engines” that will lead us further to new horizons.

In the coming elections, who's your second engine? Change will come......through us

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

heart obesity

You might be wondering what's the title all about? it's actually how to describe my heart upon reading Yuan's journal. Here it is:

My Favorite Person

My Father is my favorite person.
He always plays with me.
He helps me do my homework.
He takes care of us.
He protects us.

Then he made a note in one paper after our math session, showed it to me,

"I love you Dady"

(wrong spelling for Daddy, alright. May pinagmanahan. But definitely made my heart "obese" instantly)

Napuwing ako. maalikabok sa bahay,haaay.

I love you, too. Son.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

scary mathematics

Yuan and Kyan just transferred to a new school this year. It was a big adjustment for Yuan - he was accepted for Grade II even if he is 6. The curriculum was way way advanced compared to his previous community school. In fact his Math textbook is intended for Grade III students! I know the adjustment period was difficult for Yuan - smallest and youngest and new(est) in class. It was indeed stressful for my Panganay.

It was equally stressful for mommy and daddy, too.

The first few Homeworks, Seatworks and assignements came - scores with more mistakes that you can easily assess "hula/chamba" factor contributed to some (or most) of the correct ones. Intervention must be done....

Everyday, upon arriving home, i open Yuan's bag and check for his notes, folders and assignments. He had quick improvements in all subject...except math. Addition of 4 digit numbers, Roman Numerals, Subtraction (with dreaded borrowing), Multiplication.

Everyday, i make 2 sheets of questions and post it in the board before i leave for office. Don't worry, it's not the sadistic type. I make sure that he will be able to answer math problems with some room for difficult ones in the latter part of the sheet. This is his assignment everyday after class. I will call home late afternoon to check if his done with his "homework-made-by-daddy".

.....and it's working. He is no longer scared of numbers. Division is just around the corner, but I'm confident Yuan can handle this. And Dad will always be at his side.

other subjects? I leave that to Marie :-)

Friday, December 26, 2008

yuan's christmas party 2008

merry christmas! - yuan mari a. andal